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3ft x 4ft single universal sock
pack of 12 universal spill socks
Industry Supply Inc.

Universal Sock 3" X 4" 12/Case

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All-purpose poly-propylene, are wringable, incinerable, and suitable for most industrial applications. 

These socks are 4 ft. L (1.2 m) and 3 in. Dia (8 cm). The socks feature a spun-bond outer sleeve that has a durable heat sealed seam running its entire length. This tube is then filled with a next generation absorbent core that will absorb both oil-based and water-based fluids. The absorbent core is secured into the sleeve at each end with a durable metal clip.

A unique feature of these socks is their ability to contain large quantities of liquids once absorbed. Key Features. Will not become slippery even when fully saturated. Contains no poly-acrylate. Strong spun-bond polypropylene outer sleeve. Features a super absorbent core. Clipped ends secure the core into the outer spun-bond cylindrical sleeve Absorbency. 18 US Gallons of oil. 18 US Gallons of water Base Fiber. Super Absorbent Flake.

  • Prevent spill from spreading
  • Wraps around corners
  • Daisy chain to cover larger areas
  • Multi-purpose/universal