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Ultra Tech 2101,Ultra-Spill Berm, Black connectors
Industry Supply Inc.

Ultra-Spill Berm, Black connectors

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Temporary Berm Seals Off Spills From The Environment, Nearby Drains, And Doorways. The Ultra-Spill Berm Connector is used to connect 10' sections of the Ultra-Spill Berm to create the needed size. Great for large areas that need to be contained. Flexible Ultra-Spill Berm and connectors will bend and turn to form almost any shape while temporarily “bonding” to any smooth surface.

  • Berm connector
  • Spill response
  • Temporary secondary containment
  • Sealing off of doorways during washdown operations
  • Fit for Ultra-spill berm
  • Used to connect 10-feet sections
  • Available in black color
  • Measures 7"L x 4"W x 1"H.
  • Made in the USA.