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Snap Off Utility Box Cutter Blade
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Snap Off Utility Box Cutter Blade

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Snap Off Utility Box Cutter Blade. Always have a fresh edge with this snap blade utility knife. This is the perfect knife to have on hand at home, in the shop, in the office, at school, in the garage or at the warehouse. The blade strip in these utility knives snaps off in segments to remove worn cutting edges and expose sharp ones. Their sliding lever moves the blade strip into and out of the knife handle to retract and extend the cutting edge. Also called breakaway knives, snap-off utility knives make pull cuts to open boxes, trim dried caulk or paint, and slice through soft materials. They are used for cuts where there's minimal pressure on the blade.

  • Made with stainless steel and polymer components
  • Smooth slider mechanism features an audible "click" and is self-locking for security
  • Blade sections snap off to provide fresh, sharp cutting points
  • General cutting purposes
  •  Snap the old section off with a knife cap, wearing gloves for security.