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Red Arrows Up Labels 3"x4" 500/Roll
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Red Arrows Up Labels 3"x4" 500/Roll

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Internationally recognizable for labeling boxes or other items "this side up". Protect your products from mishandling with Red Arrows Up Labels. These air labels help you comply with the requirements in International Air Transport and ICAO for marking the package orientation on a hazardous materials package. With standards and regulations testing already completed, you can focus on the task at hand and look forward to a fully compliant, on-time shipments.

  • Pressure-sensitive labels on high-gloss paper.
  • Attractive and clean looking labels. Perfect for shipping to customers and VIPs.
  • Red arrows comply with IATA regulations.
  • Premium material used for all our labels.
  • All labels are PEEL AND STICK for easy application.
  • 3"x 4"
  • 500/Roll