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Portable Economy Spill Kit

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Economy Portable Spill Kit comes in a highly visible yellow PVC bag and is "just right" for small spills of any material. This kit is the right price, the right size and the right value. SPC® Portable Spill Kits combine absorbents, accessories, PPE and instructions in a space-saving container so you are prepared when a spill occurs.

  • Yellow PVC Bag offers high visibility spill control storage so items can be quickly located in an emergency situation
  • Improve worker productivity and efficiency by placing spill kits around your facility close to areas prone to spills
  • Portable spill kits are ideal for fast spill response

Great for

Shipping Docks

As liquids and materials are loaded from transportation vehicles to plant facilities and back, it is important to keep spill kits handy.

Freight Vehicles

For vehicles transporting liquids, it is necessary to stock spill kits for emergency purposes.

Plant Floor

Make spill kits available throughout the plant floor to allow for easy access.

Maintenance Areas

In areas where liquids and materials are stored, it is essential to keep a spill kit nearby.