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Plastic Seat Covers 250/BOX

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Plastic Seat Covers 250/Box. These plastic seat covers come in 250 per dispenser box and cover the headrest, back & seat cushion. A must-product for the serious professional detailer. Can also be used by service centers, car dealers, and rust-proofing shops to keep grease off of car seats. 9 mil thickness. These unique, two-sided, double-ply seat protectors cling to the seat while allowing the technician to freely slide in and out.

  • Protect freshly cleaned seats.
  • Eliminates having to make your customer drive home with wet seats.
  • Great for service centers and car dealers to keep grease off of car seats.
  • Can be used on any seat including for hair and nail salons to add an extra level of cleanliness. 
  • 2 layer construction ensures the seat cover stays in place
  • The short end goes over the top of the seat and the long end covers the front of the seat.