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Microfiber Finishing Pad 6.5"

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Microfiber Finishing Pad is a versatile pad that will remove light swirl marks when used with a light or medium cut polish and can also be used with cleaner waxes and all-in-one formulas. This pad will remove any haze left after using microfiber cutting pads. Use these Microfiber Finishing Pads with a dual action polisher.

Buffing pads are circular tools to polish paint and other hard materials, such as metal. They're most commonly made of foam, wool, or microfiber. Some pads are meant for manual use while others attach to power tools. They can also be useful in applying wax or sealant.

Microfiber buffing pads are manufactured with precision in the USA using only the finest foam and micro fiber material. Unique, back and plush microfiber pad material is safe for both cutting and finishing applications. These are built for maximum performance and long-lasting durability on rotary and DA polishers.

  • Face Diameter: 6.5"
  • Loop Diameter: 6"
  • For use Polishing & Finishing