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Microfiber Cutting Pad 6.5"

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The 6.5-inch Microfiber cutting pad is the detailer's shortcut to quickly removing swirls, scratches, and paint defects over large flat panels with a dual action polisher. Spinning the tall microfiber pile with a rotary polisher would just flatten the fluffy fabric in one direction, but both dual action polishers and large-throw orbital buffers "scrub" the paint with a random rotational pattern. This scrubbing action keeps the microfiber polishing material fluffy and in full contact with the painted finish on every spin.

  • The extra-large 6.5" diameter covers a larger area with every spin and complete a polishing pass in less time than a smaller pad would.
  • Attach the 6.5" Cutting Pad to any large 6" dual action backing plate via the hook and loop interface, then set to work with your favorite cutting compound or polish.
  • The 6.5" cutting pad removes years of wash marring, swirl marks, oxidation, and scratches to restore clarity and shine to the painted finish.
  • Microfiber Cutting Pads are ideal for removal of swirl marks and scratches when used in conjunction with heavy cut compounds or polishes and a dual action polisher.