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Industry Supply Inc.

ISI Wash-N-Wax Car Soap and Wax

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  • A high quality, foaming car wash soap of a harmonious blend of detergents.
  • Deposits a wax-like mono-molecular film to give a sparkling glaze that is water-repellent and resists dust. This product slows the rusting process and is non-streaking. 
  • Water soluble and will not clog dispensing equipment.
  • Efficient: Saves a lot of time as it is easy to rinse off and is long lasting.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tyreek Johnson


Jackson R
Thank me later!

Cut it in half, spray in their foam cannon. Thank me later. It's very foamy and very good. My guys only use this

Chandler Fashun
Good for our trucks

We have a fleet of delivery trucks we use this for. Gets it done in a short amount of time. Does what it says

Sam Aniston
Wash n wax is awesome

I use this for my car and basically it is a wash and a wax so it leaves an extra layer of protection rather than like a normal autozone car wash. It's more protection when you add the wax at the end like normal. leaves a nice glossy finish