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Degreaser Red Ripper
Industry Supply Inc.

RED RIPPER Degreaser and All Purpose Cleaner

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Red Ripper is an all purpose cleaner and degreaser that can be used in all cleaning jobs in or around facilities and vehicles. It is comprised of a variety of degreasing agents and advanced surfactant chemistry which allows for this unique proprietary formula to provide maximum efficiency.

  • Only degreaser and all purpose cleaner you will need for your facility - Red Ripper does it all!
  • Cleans dirt, grease, grime, oil smudges, carbon, badly soiled surfaces, encrusted soil deposits, and removes wax with ease.
  • Wonderful concrete/shop/warehouse floor cleaner, and as a bathroom floor cleaner when used in mopping solution for extra cleaning power.
  • Able to be used in automatic scrubbers for floor cleaning.
  • Can be used on RVs, black streaks, wheel wells, engines, fenders, ATVs, boats, tires, interiors, and much more.
  • Does NOT leave white powdered residue like most all other cheap degreasers on the market.
  • Does NOT leave white striping trails like most floor cleaners do.
  • Trusted, tried, and true against national leaders in the degreaser market with greater efficiency.

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