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Ice Melt 50lb Box
Industry Supply Inc.

Salt Depot Purple Heat Ice Melt 50lb Box

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Best ice melt we have found. Efficient box so you can close and open as you please as well as distribute the ice melt particles as you wish.
Also known as the purple stuff, Purple Heat is the most popular ice melt produced by Salt Depot. Its the same product as Fire-N-Ice, except in a larger 50 lb bag. It is a 92/8 blend which contains 92% sodium acetate, 6% magnesium chloride, 1% calcium chloride, and 1% potassium chloride. This premium blend melts snow and ice at temperatures down to -15°F. Harvested off the Great Salt Lake and kiln dried, the natural layer of calcium, magnesium, and potassium is advantageous. This product is far more pure than typical mined salt and much more effective. It works faster than rock salt, and its safer to use on concrete and asphalt surfaces. Purple Heat is ideal for roadways, driveways, parking lots, and walkways. It works very well in walk-behind and tailgate spreaders, and the non-staining purple dye helps you control the amount applied and the size of the area covered. Salt Depot products are lab tested and proven, and 100% American made. Purple Heat is also organic, pet friendly, and environmentally safe. The purple stuff is the popular choice for your ice melt needs.
  • Premium blend melts ice at temperatures down to -15°F

  • Non-staining purple dye for controlled application

  • Lab tested and more effective than rock salt

  • Safer to use on concrete and asphalt

  • Ideal for residential and commercial applications

  • Not harmful to vegetation

  • Pet friendly and environmentally safe

  • Contractors choice for walk-behind and tailgate spreaders

  • Creates instant traction and starts working fast

Customer Reviews

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carrie l scruggs
Exceeded expectations!

We were in a salt drought during a few days of winter storms back to back. This company has a great “purple” salt product at a great price. And even when Amazon couldn’t offer Prime delivery, Industry Suppy offered “Free” delivery and our 50lbs of salt arrived in 2 days!!! Thank you