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Ultra Tech 1782,Hose for Drip Diverters Green, 25'
Industry Supply Inc.

Hose for Drip Diverters Green, 25'

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Optional Drainage Hose for Drip Diverters. Keep fluid leaks off the floor — eliminate slip hazards and chemical exposure. Ceiling water leak collectors/diverters drip diverter 25' green drainage hose pipe drip collectors are an ideal temporary fix for leaky ceiling pipes in offices, schools, factory floors and more.

  • Green drainage hose attaches directly to water collectors (sold separately) to channel leaks into a tank or drum.
  • Drainage hose measures 25' long.
  • The UltraTech 1782 Drainage hose channels all unwanted fluids and leaks to a proper collection area.
  • This hose allows for an easy and manageable clean up.