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Fragile Shipping Labels 3"x5" 500/Roll
Industry Supply Inc

Fragile Shipping Labels 3"x5" 500/Roll

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Attracts attention by boldly displaying instructions as well as warnings. Great for shipping fragile items or moving, protect your package. No packaging tape needed. It also can be used as moving labels.
  • Eye-catching 3 x 5 inches fragile stickers, Bigger than 2 x 3-inch stickers
  • High quality gloss red permanent adhesive
  • Fragile stickers - handle with case - thank you. Easy-to-Open packaging
  • Great for shipping, protect your goods.
  • 3"x5"
  • 500/Roll
  • Bold red labels to attract attention
  • Strong Adhesive--Easy Peel and Apply

  • White with Bright Red Lettering Stands Out and Calls Attention To Carriers 

  • Stick Well to Cardboard, Plastic, Tyvek, Metals & Wood

  •  Protect your valuable/breakable items