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Floor Machine SC6025D
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Floor Machine SC6025D

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The 20" floor machine has a commercial-grade design with all-metal construction in the base, handle, tubes and trigger assembly. Easily swap out pads or brushes to rejuvenate your hard surface flooring. Pad driver sold separately. Designed for user comfort and safety.

  • Minimal Vibration
  • Triple-planetary action quickly responds to user movements to minimize vibration for increased comfort.
  • Safety Switch
  • Protects users with a safety shut-off switch.
  • Commercial Design
  • Steel housings, twin-motor capacitors and a three-idler gear box for powerful, efficient cleaning performance at 175 RPM.
  • Finish Restoration
  • Quickly swap out 20" pads or brushes for scrubbing, stripping and polishing. Pad driver sold separately