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FloodBuster Floor Pumper
Industry Supply Inc.

FloodBuster Floor Pumper

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  • Adjustable handle and large rear wheels make Stair climbing & transport to the job site easy
  • Single cord operation
  • 2” or 1.5” hose adapters are available
  • Ergonomic dolly style design placing the weight over the rear wheels for easy maneuverability
  • FloodBuster uses a Heavy duty, powerful, Industrial waste and sewage sump pump that can handle up to 1/2” spherical solids for high performance and long life
  • 50 GPM performance makes quick work of any flood situation
  • The 12” wheels and 5” casters lift the machine high off the ground
  • The FloodBuster flood pumper is very compact. Cleaning vans are packed with equipment and this gives the contractor a special advantage
  • The large easy to access and remove screen basket catches all the debris before it reaches the tank and the pumps. This feature combined with the pumps ability to handle large diameter debris insures trouble free operation for long periods of time
  • Top, front mounted controls are easy to access
  • 3 year parts and labor warranty
  • Tough rotationally molded body with a lifetime warranty
Model FB50
Pump GPM 50 gpm
Handles Spherical Solids Up to ½”
Vacuum 5.7″ Diameeter 3-stage
Air Watts 601
Air Flow 110 CFM
Waterlift 158″
Overfill Vacuum Switch Yes
Large Tank Opening Yes
Large Debris Screen Basket Yes, stainless
1.5″ Hose Adaptor Yes
Wand Kit S-bend carpet & hard floor
Handle Adjustable
Rear Wheels 12″ ball bearing, non-marking
Front Casters 5″ locking
GFCI Optional
Ergonomic Dolly Design Yes
Power Cord Single 25′, detachable
Electrical Draw 18 amps
Weight 101 lbs.
Dimensions 21″W x 29″L x 31.5″H
Warranty 3 year