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Ultra Tech 1794,Drip Diverter, Rubber Strap Kit, 4 Pack
Industry Supply Inc.

Drip Diverter, Rubber Strap Kit, 4 Pack

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Optional 19" Rubber Bungee Kit (4-pack) for Ultratech Drip Diverter. Ceiling water leak collectors/ diverters Drip Diverter- 19" Rubber Bungee Kit 4 pack. 1791 pipe drip collectors are an ideal temporary fix for leaky ceiling pipes in offices, schools, factory floors, and more. Drip diverter rubber bungee cords clip onto corners of drip diverters (SOLD SEPERATELY) for easy hanging on pipes and ceilings. The cords are rubber and each measure 19"L. 

  • Adjustable rubber strap kit for Ultra roof drip diverter
  • Attaches to the grommets in a drip diverter to secure the unit to a roof or girder
  • Includes 4 bungee cords.