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Ultra Tech 6358,Decon Wand
Industry Supply Inc.

Decon Wand

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Aluminum Decon Wand includes Pistol Grip Valve With Lock Ring And Shower Head. This is compatible with Tactical Model, Hospital Model, and Non-Ambulatory Model. Lightweight and easy to use. The system provides for multiple washes and rinses on a single containment platform — eliminating the need for multiple containment pools. Set-up time and staffing are reduced significantly using this process and workers are never expected to stand in contaminants.

  • Decon Wand, Connection Size 3/4 in.
  • Length 29 in.
  • Material Aluminum.
  • For Use With All Decon Decks.
  • Includes Pistol Grip Valve With Lock Ring And Shower Head.
  • 7 GPM water pump.
  • Better control of flowing water.
  • Fits with Ultra decontamination decks.