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D.O.T Labels 4"x4" Poison 500/Roll
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D.O.T Labels 4"x4" Poison 500/Roll

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These labels comply with all D.O.T. and OSHA regulations. Assure that your shipments are handled safely and properly. 4 Inch Square: These stickers are 4 x 4 inch squares. 500 Labels Per Roll: There are 500 labels on a roll. The labels are held together by a small label. Use labels to help comply with hazardous materials shipping requirements. EASY TO PEEL & APPLY: These adhesive hazard labels are easy to peel off either by hand or with an automatic label applicator. Once applied, they are difficult to remove, so they will stay put until delivery. You can write on them with a permanent marker or pen. This label is very simple and says POISON 6 on it and it is a simple black and white label, but the boldness of the lettering and classic poison skull and cross bones symbol makes this sticker noticeable. 


  • 4"x 4"
  • Poison
  • 500/Roll
  • Specifications:

  • Color: Black/White

  • Shape: Square

  • Size: 4 X 4

  • Strength/Material: Semi-Gloss Coated Paper

  • Type: D.O.T. Hazard Labels