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Blank Inventory Labels Fluorescent Green 500/Roll
Industry Supply Inc

Blank Inventory Labels Fluorescent Green 500/Roll

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Fluorescent Green Paper Labels with rounded Edges have a perforation between each label and are sold on rolls containing 500 Labels. Permanent adhesive Rectangle labels ensures that your Labels will stay just where you need them.  Being able to write on the sticker allows you to further expand your usage options for custom identification or to add your initials. Blank surface lets you write your own message in pen, pencil, or marker. Track your inventory with color-coded Rectangular labels. These Bright Neon Green Labels help you identify quickly and easy Box Contents, Expiration Dates, Inventory Labels, Pallets, Shelves, Shipments and Stock Rotation. Florescent Inventory Labels help you stay organized and productive. These Stickers are High Quality and its fine looking and texture will get all your projects remarked. These Rectangle Labels are easy to Peel and Apply from Roll. Maintain a professional look and feel with these Durable superiority Color Coding Stickers.
  • Blank Inventory Labels
  • Fluorescent Green
  • 500/Roll
  • Excellent value
  • Writable surfaces
  • Intended Usage
  • High quality
  • Apply these labels to pallets, boxes and shelves, Shipments Stock Rotation, for easy identification