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Ant1L Anti Bacterial Foaming Hand Soap 6 - 1 Liter Cartridges/Case
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DEB Refresh Ant1L Anti Bacterial Foaming Hand Soap 6 Cartridges/Case

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Ant1L Anti Bac Foam Soap 6/Cs. Deb Stoko Refresh 6 cartridges of 1 Liter Hard Plastic/Case. This Foaming Antibacterial Soap Is Great For A Good Cleansing Of The Hands As Well As A Nice Professional Look In The Dispenser That Goes With It. Pleasantly perfumed, frequent use antibacterial foam hand wash. Contains active Benzalkonium Chloride. To cleanse skin and kill bacteria in one step. 

  • With Benzalkonium Chloride, a skin and environmental friendly active
  • Skin cleanser and sanitizer in one
  • Soap-free formulation with skin friendly pH value
  • Skin conditioner helps the skin feel smooth and firm after use
  • Provides over 30% more washes compared to standard lotion soap