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8.5"x14" Vinyl Paper Label
Industry Supply Inc

8.5"x14" Vinyl Paper Label

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8.5"x14" Vinyl Paper Label 1000/Case-  Sheet is Legal Size - 8.5" x 14" or 8-1/2" x 14". This Label has many uses. The number 1 use is Signs!  The large sheet lets you print the largest labels possible on Standard Desktop Printers.

  • These Weatherproof Labels are most often used for Outdoor Signs - Temporary or Permanent Signs. 
  • Print your own Garage Sale or Yard Sale Signs.  Mount them on Plastic, Metal, or other Weather Proof Backing, and they will look new for YEARS!
  • OUTDOOR USE LABELS. Stick these latex weatherproof vinyl labels on the door of your building and it will still be there next year! This is a great product for tough applications that need something to stand the test of time, with a service range of -65 to +200 Fahrenheit, there is very little you can throw at this label that it can’t take!
  • Great for product labels on our 5 gallon buckets or anything larger. These will not fit on our one gallon jugs