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36" Palmyra Warehouse Push Broom Head

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36" Palmyra Warehouse Push Broom Head.  Threaded female insert build into the wooden block on top of the broom for  a handle to thread into. It's safe for all floors indoor, outdoor, hardwood parquet, granite tiles, or concrete. This push broom was made to have excellent balance to reduce sweeping fatigue. Heavy duty brush withstands the wear and tear of everyday use in high-volume consumer traffic areas. This broom easily reach into corners, under furniture, and along baseboards while sweeping.

  • Bristles allow for fast and proper sweeping on all types of floor surfaces.
  • Strong cleaning ability.
  • Efficiently sweep away dirt and debris.
  • Can be used on a variety of flooring surfaces including tile, wood, and laminate.
  • Each broom can easily reach and clean into corners and along walls for fast, effective sweeping on all types of floor surfaces.