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2000 Grit Sand Paper 25/Pack
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2000 Grit Sand Paper 25/Pack

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2000 GRIT - 25 SHEETS PER PACK 9.5" X 6" Sandpaper Sheets that are 1/2 of full-size 9" x 11" sanding sheets. These high-performance, durable wet or dry sanding sheets are flexible when used wet and will not fall apart, tear, or crumble while in use. Sheets are ideal for wet sanding, as wet sanding helps minimize scratches, prevents sandpaper from clogging with dust, removes loose abrasive particles, and reduces airborne dust. Superior quality waterproof sandpaper sheets made with premium electro-coated silicon carbide to ensure the grit is uniformly distributed, enabling you to have an exceptionally long-lasting sharp cut with a consistent scratch pattern when sanding, either wet or dry. It has maximum resistance to clogging and loading, increasing your productivity and reducing material consumption.